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Your Needs

You simply tell us what you want from an accountant and we introduce you to a firm that we believe will meet your expectations.

The Right Fit

We select accountants from our approved panel who we consider could be a good fit for your business.

Introducing Your Accountant

You then talk to our recommended accountancy firm(s) at no cost or obligation, leaving you with the ultimate decision on whether or not they are right for your company.

We will assist you every step of the way.

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"Super helpful!”

“I had a great experience with Just Accountants…As a new contractor, it was great to have an objective person look at the options for me and make recommendations based on my needs and budget.”   


“Would highly recommend”

Genuinely friendly advice when finding the right accountants and would always check in to see how the process is going. Perfect!”


Accountancy Services

The success of your business can be significantly influenced by your choice of accountant. A proactive forward-thinking accountant could help you maximise commercial opportunities.

A good accountant could also assist you in numerous business ways including minimising the tax you pay, cash flow management, raising working capital, and keeping you abreast of any industry and regulatory changes.

Any competent accountant should ensure your business and you as a director are compliant, but proactive accountants should do far more than provide a typical basic service. Their business insight and experience could save you significant amounts of money and help grow your business.

Finding the Right Accountant

Touch Financial’s sister company Just Accountants can help you identify the right accountant for your business needs and goals from their approved panel. Just Accountants will work with you to ensure they identify an accountant that fit with your business needs.

If it is your preference, then they could also arrange meetings with more than one accountant, including those local to your area, which may be of benefit should you prefer to discuss your business requirements or any questions face-to-face.

Why Just Accountants?

In 2012 Touch Financial set up Just Accountants, which has since built very strong relationships with a network of over 130 accountancy firms across the UK.

The consultants at Just Accountants will, in a brief call, gain an understanding of your business, its ambitions and requirements, after which they can introduce you to a suitable accountant(s) from their approved panel. This service is entirely free of charge, and you will be offered a free initial consultation with any of the accountants introduced.

Accountancy firms will often have their specialist areas, and some can be quite niche. The Just Accountants team will search their approved panel of accountants to determine any good matches which could also offer you a tailored service.

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