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The Order

You raise an invoice to your customer which determines how much is due to be paid to your business and when it is due.

Cash Advance

Unlock up to 100% of your invoice value as a cash sum, usually within 24 hours of sending a copy of the invoice to your lender.


When the invoice is due the lender receives the payment from your customer. The remaining invoice value not initially financed is forwarded minus prearranged fees.

We will assist you every step of the way and support you after you have secured the funding you need.

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Customer Testimonials

"Good advice all along the way."

“They understood my request and needs and were able to fulfill them quickly and efficiently with good options. Helped me through their decision making process with good advice all along the way.”


Jim, Barnes

"Great company, delivered what they promised."

“Very good and professional service, they listened to my requirements and delivered what they promised. Staff were very helpful and polite. Thanks for all your efforts which has really helped my company go forward.”


Sean, Basildon

Raise Finance for Your New Business

Start-up businesses, especially recruitment startups, tech business and those operating in the professional services sectors, can often struggle to raise finances as lenders are wary of providing support to firms without a proven track record and whose business models often depend on one or two large accounts.

Also, while many new technology or recruitment start-ups are experts within their sectors, they may not have a similar level of experience at setting up back office functions such as invoicing, order processing and PAYE.

Recruitment & Tech Startup Funding: Get Started

There are various financial solutions available designed specifically for helping businesses get started, and manage their cash flow effectively from day one. There are also lenders that are willing to invest in establishing and running the administrative functions so a new business can grow, even with limited initial investment. By utilising Invoice Financing, Factoring or Invoice Discounting, lenders can provide financial support for recruitment startups, specialist tech startup funding, or other commercial financing solutions to suit most new businesses.

Financial Partners

Touch Financial have a dedicated team of experts on hand to help your new business succeed. If you are part of the 50 percent of start-up businesses that require assistance in financing and would like help in finding a financial partner for you, or in understanding more about how Invoice Finance can help your business succeed, then talk to us today.

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Case Studies

Specialist Supplier Logistics Company

Industry: Logistics   Turnover: £300k   Lender: Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance

“We needed funding to get the business off the ground. Our clients are mainly in the engineering sector, automotive and aircraft part suppliers. Their payments terms vary- anything from 30 to 60 days. That means if we ship something on the 1st of the month and invoice on the 30th, we might not get paid until 90 days after the work was done. That’s a huge hole in our cash flow.” – Managing Director

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European Clothing Wholesaler Seeking Growth

Industry: Wholesale   Turnover: £500k   Lender: Hitachi

“With turnover increasing by over 50% per year we need capital to invest in the growth of our business. We also pay for all our imported stock up front. This means that we need the money from factoring to keep the operation running and to keep us on track to hit our ambitious targets.”  – Director

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