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If you want to grow your security firm but need funding to pay for your staff wages, it is worth investigating invoice finance as a possible solution. Invoice finance works perfectly with security firms looking to take on more frequent, larger jobs which may even demand higher level security personnel. You will be able to cover the associated costs today using the cash you are expecting to receive in 30, 60 or 120 days time.

Do you want to improve your cash flow?

Paying your staff, on time, every time whilst also allowing your customers the flexibility they need when settling the invoice. That’s the perfect cash flow scenario for many security firms and security firm factoring lenders can allow you to achieve this. You will be provided with income just when you need with invoice finance so you can grow your business smoothly.

Improve your firms’ reputation

One of the less tangible benefits of invoice finance, and paying your staff regularly, is that it enhances your firms’ reputation. The right security firm finance such as invoice factoring will mean your staff and suppliers are secure in the knowledge that they will never need to wait any longer than necessary before they receive payment. Plus, a healthy cash flow will mean you never have to turn away a job again.

Want to take on larger jobs?

It’s not easy to pay for large amounts of security staff, especially if you need to supply higher level contractors. When you are presented with a big job opportunity, you want to be able to say yes, right away. With invoice finance, you will be in a better place to take on jobs which demand higher level staff. Growing your business has never been so simple.

Why use Touch Financial?

Our consultants are trained and experienced in making invoice finance and almost every other funding product straight forward to understand. Security firms can grow and thrive when coupled with invoice finance, so allow Touch Financial, the UK’s invoice finance specialists to find the best lender for you, free of charge. Simply submit some basic details to allow us to prepare for when we call in (usually) half an hour after you send us the quote form.

The Security industry has it\’s own set of funding challenges. Let us help you find the best security firm funding solution for your needs.

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