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One of the fundamental cash flow issues within the wholesale industry is the huge delay in receiving payments from work completion. Although there is tangible evidence of transactions often in the form of delivery notes, this doesn’t always equate to simple access to business finance.

However there are financiers that see beyond tied-up cash flow and turn your unpaid invoices into immediate cash. This form of funding is called invoice finance.

Invoice Finance in the Wholesale Industry

The wholesale industry often goes hand in hand with lengthy payments terms. This can stop you from getting the your hands on the cash you have already earned – delaying your ability to cover the costs of running your business.

With wholesale factoring, however, the lenders will look at the invoices you are due to receive payment for in 30-120 days time. They will advance a percentage of the value of the outstanding invoices so you have cash to reinvest to grow your business, within 24 hours of completing a job.

Invoice Finance is a Facilitator for Growth

With more cash available you invest in more drivers, more fuel, make more deliveries and make more money as you increase your market share in your targeted market. Watch how your financial capacity grows by as much as four times compared to the average bank overdraft.

Additional Support and Benefits

Invoice finance can be tailored to suit your business requirements and fulfil your expectations. From keeping the facility confidential from your customers to the addition of professional credit collection which can be included if you wish, wholesale firms world-wide see invoice finance as the foundation of business growth. Exporting and importing? We can help you find an wholesale finance lender who can provide funding and advice for that, too.

Let us find you a facility, free of charge

The Touch Financial team are here to identify which funding products are best suited for your current business needs and future goals. By getting in touch with one of our consultants using the quote form below, you will be able to benefit from a cost free chat about how invoice finance and other wholesale funding products can help your business grow. We look forward to learning about your business.

The Wholesale industry has its own set of funding challenges. Let us help you find the best funding solution for your needs.

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