Is the UK back in recession – and does it matter?

businesseconomic growth in the last three months of 2011 was negative. If the first three months of 2012 produce similar results, we will officially be in recession.

These national numbers might show an overall trend, but they hide the many business success stories that are happening across the country. Both start-ups and established firms are enjoying growth, because they have the right combination of commercial leadership and financial support.

Strong cash flow and solid profits are possible

The media has been full of negative business news for months, even years. High street names have tumbled into administration, swathes of commercial property lie vacant and confidence is on the road south.

Here at Touch Financial, we see the other side of the picture. Entrepreneurs with sound business ideas combined with the ability to win and service contracts. Business owners willing to invest in the future, because they know that to stand still is akin to being on the road to commercial failure.

Your business may be one of those bucking the national trend and seeing new opportunities and new sales. You may have discovered a market that’s ripe for the taking, perhaps because you bring a fresh, enthusiastic and customer-focused approach.

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Don’t let a feeble economy weaken your resolve to succeed

Some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Microsoft, were founded in a recession. Tough times spark innovation and a commitment to hard work. Some older firms, which have become slow and lazy, can’t adapt and they fail, leaving gaps in the market for enthusiastic newcomers.

There are some who believe that recessions are inevitable and, indeed, beneficial because of this effect. Lean times force firms to review what they do and how they do it.

Good times, on the other hand, bring the rewards that make all that hard work worth it. They might appear far off at the moment, but past history tells us we’ll eventually get back to a boom. And when it arrives, you’ll want to be sure that your business is ready to make the most of it.


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