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Reward and motivate your staff this Christmas

The annual round of company Christmas parties is getting underway, but not every firm is celebrating. It’s been another tough year for many businesses, with belts still pulled in tight.

If, as in many other firms, your staff are facing another year with little or no pay rise and the continued risk of losing their jobs, now is the right time to boost their morale.

While you might not know it, they’re watching your leadership of the business, and their mood will be a reflection of yours. The confidence you display, combined with the extent to which you engage with your staff, can make a huge difference to their attitude, and that’s been proven to affect their performance in the workplace.

Give the gift of recognition

Whether it’s a party, a bonus, a bottle of wine or simply a genuine ‘well done and thank you’ message, recognising the work and commitment of your staff can make a massive difference to their morale.

While they might turn up every day because it’s their job, they have a choice about how much effort they put into it. Almost everyone will respond positively to being told they’re doing a good job, and continued positive feedback will motivate them to put that little bit extra into what they’re doing.

Your staff probably feel that they deserve some sort of reward at this time of year. That doesn’t mean that whatever you choose to give them will be any less appreciated, but giving them nothing will only push their morale downward.

Get creative with rewards and encouragements

Your staff will have some idea how tough business is right now, so they won’t be surprised if prudence prevents the firm spending much money on them. But a seasonal celebration doesn’t need to be expensive.

Being open with staff and seeking their opinions helps them feel more engaged in the business, which in itself brings positive benefits. If you can involve them in deciding how to celebrate the end of the year and how to recognise achievements, you’re already making a positive contribution to morale and performance.

The benefits of talking to your staff and involving them in decisions are not limited to Christmas or to hard economic times. Successful firms do it all the time, which is one reason why their belts are not pulled in quite so tight this year.

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