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Top 5 Technology Resources to Aid Your Business

Advancements in technology have changed the way many companies are run, from the reliance of computers in almost every industry to all the online opportunities available for creating a new startup business. Certain businesses wouldn’t even exist without the continuing evolution of technology, such as those based in the digital world.

There has been a big rise in the last five or more years in the number of apps being created and downloaded. Along with online tools, these and other technology resources exist which make running a company smooth, whether you’ve just launched a fresh startup business or are looking for ways to improve your current one.


Useful for: Organising your company’s social media accounts

Buffer is a tool for scheduling all your social media posts in advance. Both an online browser and downloadable app version for Apple and Android smartphones are available, so you can save even more time by doing the scheduling from anywhere in the world.

The optimum time for posting on social media may be after your work hours have finished or during the weekend, so scheduling in advance is necessary. It allows you to post across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages at the same time or arrange different posts for various times. A Buffer button can also be installed for instantly sharing any other article you stumble across.


Useful for: Arranging meetings effectively

The internet has made online conferencing incredibly simple, meaning in many cases a lot of time and money is saved by holding meetings over video calls rather than getting together in person. GoToMeeting takes simple video calling to the next level by integrating with file sharing apps like DropBox and more so documents can be presented at the same time.

It is available both online for hosting or joining a meeting with your webcam or as a downloadable app. Onscreen highlighter and whiteboard features allow you to brainstorm together and view the same presentations, spreadsheets or other documents at the same time.


Useful for: Delegating tasks and ensuring project completion

Wunderlist is essentially an app for creating detailed or simple to do lists. It can be used for forming step by step lists of what needs doing and shared with whoever else needs the information. Each one can be synced with others so when a task is marked as complete everyone can see it.

The business version of the app allows you to delegate tasks to others. They can be broken down further into subtasks and have notes added where required. This is incredibly useful when working on a project that has many different parts and involves numerous people to ensure everything gets done on time.


Useful for: Assessing work time and increasing productivity

Companies that need to keep track of how much time they are spending on certain clients or tasks can do so easily with Toggl. The app is free for up to five users, making it ideal technology for a small startup business, with only a minimal cost for more. This makes working out the total time spent on one project or task where many people are involved quick and easy.

The data acquired from particular tasks can then be compiled into billable rates, graphs and timesheets exported. Toggl syncs with other project management apps too, so the numbers it draws out are available to create accurate presentations and identify areas where more or less time needs to be spent working across your whole business.


Useful for: Viewing accurate financial data, making future predictions and budgeting

Running a business involves a lot of costs, many of which you may forget about when considering your finances. It is important to include every little expense, from advertising to fuel prices, in order to reach an accurate number. inDinero takes information from all the company’s bank and credit accounts to deliver current financial information.

By seeing where spending has been it can also make future predictions and suggest budgets where needed. Invoice financing can be a solution, with the costs involved incorporated into expenditure. inDinero will prove essential when the auditors visit your business as well.

Apply now and one of our consultants will help to find you the best invoice finance facility for your business, free of charge.

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