Invoice finance makes the cash flow

cash finance costs. It also allows them to react swiftly to opportunities and changing market conditions, potentially putting them ahead of their competitors.

Being able to draw down funds based on the value of outstanding invoices lets them put resources into place to take on new contracts, which they would have struggled to finance with a weaker cash flow.

Would your business benefit from a stronger cash flow?

If cash flow problems are holding your business back, it too could benefit from using invoice finance. It’s potentially available to every firm that sells on credit to other businesses, whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational operation.

Nor does it matter how long you’ve been trading. Long established firms often take advantage of invoice finance. They may be looking for a cash injection to fund growth or it could be an established part of their business model.

Start ups are also able to access invoice finance. They can benefit from the moment they raise their first invoice, drawing down funds which help them to overcome the challenges faced by every new firm as it struggles to establish itself.

If your business would benefit from a stronger cash flow, it makes sense to explore the options by talking to a commercial finance broker. At Touch, we don’t charge you for our services, meaning the only cost to you of phoning us is a few minutes of your time so why not call us on 0845 388 9725 or get a factoring quote or if you consider your business \’big\’ get an invoice discounting quote.

Apply now and one of our consultants will help to find you the best invoice finance facility for your business, free of charge.

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